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Bones Claims
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about little advice
Welcome to Bones Claims! This is community where you can claim pretty much anything from the TV series Bones.

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Current profile and layout were modified by therinca.
This is not a rule and it's just something you can do to get your banner faster. Include a link to some picture of what your claiming, so I (therinca, banner maker) don't have to look for it for hours ;), please.
Also, if you're claiming some facial expressions or particular things, say from what episode, because it spares the time. Otherwise I have to comment to ask you to explain and wait for the reply and then I make the banner. Hope you all understand what I mean :)
rules current claims
1. You can have up to 2 claims.

2. You can claim anything Bones related: characters, episodes, 'ships, pieces of lab equpiment...

3. Only ONE person can own each item though, so check the list below.

4. You can only claim one main character. There aren't that many to go around ;)

5. You can also only claim one ship/slash.

6. You shall recieve a pretty banner declaring your claims, but you need to give us time.

7. If you wish to claim an additional item then you must write a drabble (or short fic) or create a graphic (icons, wallpapers) featuring that item/person/ship.

8. All posts are moderated so we can asses your claims, not 'cause we're mean.


- -million_moments Zack Addy and Tempe's earings from The Man in the Morgue
- -pinkmarshmello Seeley Booth and Booth/Brennan
- -rolleson Tempe Brennan and Angela/Tempe
- -kitty_cat89 The pudding cup from Two Bodies in the Lab and the dedication in Tempe's second book
- -qfemale The evolutionOne equipment used by the Jeffersonian (Don't ask me...ask her!)
- -digitaldawn Hodgins and Zach's robot
- -kwizbit The Man in the Morgue and Booth's tie and sock collection
- -makesometime Angela Montenegro and The Man in The Fallout Shelter
- -squint_k Hodgins/Angela relationship and Two Bodies in the Lab
- -futurism Zack Addy/Seeley Booth's relationship
- -starlite_diner The Woman in Limbo and the scene where Booth apologizes to Brennan on the high rise tower from The Girl in the Fridge
- -ataralasse9 Booth's belt buckle and his poker chip
- -jen5625 Booth’s gun collection
- -darkenheart Booth's markmenship and Dr. Daniel Goodman
- -fan4eva4life The scene where Booth saves Brennan
- -linden_jay "I don't know what that means" and Agent Jamie Kenton
- -mbeancntr Parker and the Mustang from The Woman at the Airport
- -soul_searcher_4 The Angelator and Dr. Brennan's Jeffersonian pass. Also, Wongfoo's (icons here) AND the red bed/chair things from the woman at the airport (icons here)
- -stargazer89 The Hot blooded scene and Zach/Brennan/Angela/Hodgins and Angela's "Sweetie" (icon here)
- -katecsi3 Brennan's computers
- -carlottaryan89 Hodgins towel from The Man in the Fallout Shelter and his Mini
- -burtonworshiper Booth's chest and "Jesus is not a zombie!" Also, Brennan's facial expressions and her wardrobe (icons here)
- -veils The Pilot episode and ALL of Angela's clothes. Whoever claimed Angela is getting her naked
- -obsessed_psyco Brennan's necklace collection, the line "Where the hell are my bones?", Booth's dogtags if they should exist (drabble here)
- -ladydetective Brennan's CD collection
- -rocksalted Booth and Brennan's matching sunglasses
- -natalieleach89 Zach's blue shirt and sleeping bag
- -hollowinsidex Jasper the Pig and Booth's dance moves
- -buffyangellvr23 The hug scene from The Woman in Limbo
- -sideways The Jasper/Jasper moments from The Blonde in the Game and "Post-sex Booth"
- -miss1nformation The Truth in the Lye
- -ravyn726 The Blonde in the Game and The Theme song
- -cartography The Man in the Fallout Shelter and "The Guy Hug" scene from The Headless Witch in the Woods
- -daylightrobbery Dr Lance Sweets
- -nickeldreams Russ Brennan and Brennan/Booth hug from The Verdict in the Story
- -biancaa01 The kiss from The Santa in the Slush
- -khitie Brainy Smurf and Gordon Gordon Wyatt
- -geezbones Tim Sullivan
- -themirrorofsin Cam Saroyan and all her clothes
- -meepz0rs Zack's acceptance letter (letter here)
- -pinktealeaves Brennan's gum in The Santa in the Slush and Brennan in bed with Sully in The Bodies in the Book
- -sopranozone Last hospital scene in Critic in the Cabernet and sprig of mistletoe from The Santa in the Slush
- -vanilla_garner The End in the Begining
- -monkeyprincess7 "The King of the Lab!" and the chair from Santa in the Slush
- -iam_space Booth's tatoos and the mass spectrometer
- -upsticks Mac 'n' Cheese Booth wants to stay alone with
- -miss_tea_k Vincent Nigel-Murray and The Mayhem on the Cross
- -jax_d Wendell
- -skaene Buck & Wanda Moosejaw
- -brokentoy Booth's dance/shaking moves from The Wannabe in the Weeds and Booth's boxer shorts and Booth's run from The Aliens in a Spaceship
- -hazmatica Booth's smile
- -mesince93 Cam's expression from The Double Death of Dearly Departed
- -a_faraway_mind Zack's psychiatric library card
- -teener Brennan's keys and evidence from GraveDigger case
- -cable_addict baby Andy and Booth's Crown Vic